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Text Box: Our History - During the Great Depression, many families found it hard to get by.  In 1934, a group of Italian men had a meeting to discuss how they might make ends meet.  These men were Anthony Leone, Ignazio Simone, Palmerino DíAmato, Paul Cultrera, Eustachio Davolio, and Maurice DiLiddo.  They decided to pool their money to buy goods wholesale.  The organization that would later become the Italian American Victory Club had its first meeting on Olympia Avenue on February 2, 1934.
As the groupís membership grew, it was no longer feasible to meet in memberís homes, so meetings were held at the Palais Royal on North Quinsigamond Avenue.  In addition to the men noted above, other charter members included Anthony Lorusso, Frank Scirpoli, Biagio DiLeo, Vincenzo Rossi, Loretto Leone, Nicholas Grande, Domenic Rubbe, Vincenzo Geronomo, Matto DiPadua, and Guisseppe Mattero.  A plot of land was bought in 1937 and a building erected, this being on Dewey Road.
Members contributed all the labor involved, many of them working on the building in lieu of paying dues.  Through the years, the Club took an active interest in the town, sponsoring dances, youth sports teams and more recently, road races. The group also sponsored a welcome home party for the townís World War II veterans. The Italian American Victory Club remains a part of Shrewsbury even today, holding holiday celebrations, participating in local parades, and hosting a popular bocce league.

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Text Box: Our Purpose -   The Italian American Victory Club is a private memberís club whose purpose is to organize the Americans of Italian extraction of Shrewsbury into a group to promote the civic, educational, charitable, benevolent or religious welfare of its members and the Italian-American community, and to establish a place for holding meetings and gatherings.
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