2017  IAVC Annual Vincent ‘Jim’ D’Errico Scholarship Application Form


Please complete all parts of this application packet in addition to answering all questions on this form.


Last Name _______________________________________________


First Name _________________________________________ Middle Initial _______


Address _______________________________________________ Phone Number______________________


City ________________________________________ State __________________ Zip Code_______________


Related Member’s Name_________________________________________________________________________


Relationship_________________________________________ Phone Number _________________________


Name of High School ___________________________________________________________________________


High School Cumulative GPA _____________________________Class Rank__________________________


SAT Scores ________________________________Graduation Date__________________________________


Intended College _____________________________________Intended Major_________________________


Please list high school activities, leadership roles, community involvement, memberships and honors you have received.  Attach additional pages if necessary.


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Please include any other information about yourself that may be of interest to the selection committee such as jobs, internships, or additional experiences.  Attach additional pages if necessary.


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If I am selected to receive this award, I authorize my name to be released to the press.


Signature_________________________________________________ Date ______________________


(Please attach/submit all required information listed in TERMS AND CONDITIONS by April 15, 2017)




2017 IAVC Annual Scholarship


Terms and Conditions



The following information pertains to the Annual Scholarship sponsored by the Italian American Victory Club.  This year’s recipients will be selected from applications received based on the criteria set forth below.


All eligible applicants must:


1.    Be the child or grandchild of a member with at least three years in good standing at the IAVC.


2.    Provide information that confirms eligibility for full time attendance at an institution of higher education for the fall of 2017.


3.    Only Completed applications will be considered.


4.    Accept scholarship terms and conditions as part of the process, which include:


a.     Awards are one time only and will not be granted to previous recipients.


b.    The scholarship committee will select the winner(s) based on information provided on the application, and by considering the letters of recommendation.


c.     The specific condition of each scholarship is that they will be used for:  College tuition and fees required for the enrollment of full time attendance at a qualifying institution.


Please submit a completed application, a copy of your high school transcripts, SAT scores and two letters of recommendation, at least one from a teacher. 


Complete application packages must be received by April 15, 2017.


The IAVC shall retain complete records in connection with all scholarships and verify student enrollment in designated institutions of higher learning.


For additional information, please contact Barbara Greenwood at 508-842-9858.



Entries may be mailed to:                                 

Barbara Greenwood

Scholarship Committee
26 Dewey Road
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-2434








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